Helmbreck v. McPhee, et al.

Case reassigned after discovery cutoff in trial strategy following unsuccessful motion for summary judgment brought by prior counsel’s office. 18-year old plaintiff claimed low back surgery and soft tissue injuries arising out of MVA at uncontrolled intersection. Plaintiff alleged our client was negligent in failing to provide a clear line of sight for drivers using abutting roadway and told us we needed to make a “significant offer” to resolve the case before trial. He asked jury for $250,000-$750,000 and the jury returned a defense for our client.

  • Three week trial

  • February 2019

  • King County

  • 18-2-02781-1 KNT

Shafer v. Lee

Adverse possession dispute between insureds and landowner of unoccupied land (Lee).  Lee filed claims for intentional interference with a contractual relationship, nuisance/trespass, and pro rata taxes.  Lee demanded over $220,000 and presented evidence he had a $400,000 contract to sell the property before insureds filed their adverse possession claim and, as a result, could only get $200,000 after adverse possession claims.  Lee’s claims were dismissed via summary judgment, voluntary dismissal, and a defense verdict at trial.  Prior to trial, we discovered Lee’s attorney had improper contact with his key witness, the prior owner of your insured’s property.  Lee’s attorney paid him after a phone deposition and purported to represent him despite a conflict of interest.  After we brought these issues to the Court’s attention, the Court sanctioned Lee’s attorney $8,526.47 in attorney fees and costs. Insureds prevailed at trial, and were awarded $104,509.60 in attorney fees and costs.

  • Three day trial

  • November 2018

  • King County

  • 16-2-21858-0 SEA

Jacquemart v. Wong

Admitted liability, serious and permanent injuries with multiple surgeries arising out of vehicle versus pedestrian crosswalk injury. Case transferred from prior counsel’s office. Plaintiff’s counsel refused to make any demands before trial, even in response to multiple offers, and asked for $32,686,419 from the jury. At mediation, plaintiff’s counsel indicated he would reject a bracket of $9M-$16M. Verdict for plaintiff in the amount of $8,000,000.

  • Three week trial

  • July 2018

  • King County

  • 16-2-26480-8 SEA

McNeill v. City of Auburn

Admitted liability motor vehicle accident involving a police officer. Plaintiff never returned to work following the accident and underwent five surgeries (both shoulders, both knees, and his right elbow). He alleged chronic pain in all areas as well as hip pain, chronic post-traumatic headaches, and depression. After a two-week trial, plaintiff’s counsel asked for $3,000,000. The jury awarded $165,000.

  • Two week trial

  • May 2017

  • King County

  • 15-2-25044-2 KNT