Courtney Levitsky
206.489.4769 | Direct Line

Office Manager.

Leyda Greenwood
206.866.9141 | Direct Line

Paralegal to George Mix, Michael Rhodes and Colton Arias.

Ashton Acker
206.981.3305 | Direct Line

Paralegal to Mark Thompson, Michael Sanders, Brittany Ward and Sean Walton. 

Sabrina Stevenson
206.569.5020 | Direct Line

Paralegal to Kimberly West, Eric Chavez and Jackie Jensen Erler. 

Kaci Clariza
206.971.9602 | Direct Line

Legal assistant to  Mark Thompson, Brittany Ward and Eric Chavez.

Kelly Lee
206.573.5252 | Direct Line

Legal assistant to Kimberly West, Sean Walton, Michael Sanders and Michael Rhodes. 

Sherry Toves
206.981.3305 | Direct Line

Legal assistant to George Mix, Jackie Jensen Erler and Colton Arias. 

Zane Lindsay
253.212.7065 | Direct Line

Legal assistant/paralegal and CTO.